Angled Blush Brush Brush Comparison

Angled Blush Brush Brush Comparison

When buying makeup brushes, it’s important to find the right one for your needs. Many women use angled blush brushes, as they can make applying blush a breeze and help sculpt their cheeks to perfection. So how do you choose the best brush?

In this blog post, we compare the Begonia Bella Angled Blush Brush from our Esssentials Set to 3 of the most popular angled blush brushes on the market today. We know shopping for makeup brushes online can be tough since you can't touch and feel them. So we purchased some of our competitors brushes and compare them against each other so that you can make an informed decision when choosing which one is right for you. Read on to see the results for yourself!

Real Techniques vs Begonia Bella

The Real Techniques RT 426 Angled Brush shown here is from their The Wanderer Set found at my local Ulta store. As you can easily see, ours is clearly larger and fluffier. Not even room to debate this one so I'm moving on.real techniques begonia bella front    real techniques begonia bella side by side

BH Cosmetics vs Begonia Bella

First, I want to mention all these photos are totally untouched, other than cropping to fit. And I am clearly not a photographer (yes, that is a purple book for my prop).  The BH Cosmetics Angled Blush Brush is fuller than the Real Techniques blush brush, but you can again see how dense and full our brush is in comparison.

BH vs Begonia Bella Angled Blush Brush  BH vs Begonia Bella front view

Morphe vs Begonia Bella

There are so many Morphe brushes to choose from. It can almost get overwhelming. We went with the Morphe MUA Life set for our comparison. This is much closer, as you can see. But (and maybe we are a little biased) still the Begonia Bella brush comes out ahead. See how the ferrule for ours from our Essentials Collection is wider and the front view shows it more full and dense?

Morphe vs Begonia Bella angled blush brush   morphe vs begonia bella front

Hopefully this gives you some clarity on how well Begonia Bella brushes stack up! Want to see more comparisons? Mention them below in the comments or find us on social media and let us know! Instagram Facebook TikTok


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